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Information about pathalogy


If there any one can give me information or suggestion about the pathology now Im studing
MBBS so I wanna to apply pathologist after my graduation.many people told me that this
feild isnt good it will be only examination of dead body when we look the meaning of pathalogist
is the study and diagnosis of deasease,on my work it will be only examination of dead body or
examination of tissue,fluid of patients on the otherwise there is two main branches of pathalogy
Anatomical pathology and clinical patholgy which one is the best and more opportunity.

Pathologist is the one who specialized medical diagnosis.and  i have only information about the anatomical pathology.
Anatomical pathologist most essential tools is microscope which is to work to examine tissue,cells and fluid for signs of disease.
most pathologist have limited direct patient contact also they participate day to day care of patient by providing interpreting laboratory
information to solve diagnostic problem. pathologists serve as consultants to other physicians regarding selection of diagnostic exams or tests.
 Zakarie i know its not enough my information it may be use full for u for this little information if u steal need more information may be
some one else will tell u .


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