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Medical ethics in Islam


Since we are Muslims, every thing we do in life should be connected to our religion. we have to know whether it is prohipited or allowed to do. Medicine, as the best scinece to learn and to serve the community with, also has islamic regulations. May be the most famous subject here is the medical ethics, which was first detailed in history by our ancient muslims. this is just a preface to what you should know about medical ethics in Islam, and if you are a real muslim you should follow your concience and respect the need of the community to you as a doctor and always refresh your information, etc. Medicine is a big obligation and not easy to perform its duty without a great help of Allah. this is an islamic website that is specialized in islamic medicine and specially the medical ethics in Islam. read it and tell others.


since Im in a gaalo country theres so many things that have to be done in hospitals that Islam prohibits.
here are a few example:

a muslim women nurse bathing a man (haram)
a muslim male doc examining a women not just the normal procedure.
 thers loads in our minds we'll be thinking what shall we do?

you can always say to anther plz can you do it as my religion does not allow me.

what if the management are not too pleased with your decisions what shall you do?

now thats still a question that can only be answered by yourself!


Yes Dr HANA, that is right.
only yourself can answer that, and that is the meaning of taqwa and warac, as I can remember.
May be some of these things are not so much problem, if you are the only one who can do that and there is some company in the case of different sex, it is not much problem I think.
But there is some thing else you can do, you can get away from that Gaalo country - as you said - where the management may not agree with your decisions. and if you can not, here is the problem, the real problem. there is an old saying that if you are in a place that all people are blind, then take your eyes out, if I am correct in the translation. but when you want to be yourself and the whole country is against you, here is when the trouble starts. But always there is the kind way to get out of troubles, to stay away of all indications of danger and confrontation, and use their freedom speech efficiently.
I think you are more familiar with these situations than I am, well, good luck any way.
Ciise Dheere


Dr. Ciise Dheere,
Medical ethics are always the same though some cultural conflicts may occur based on regions. In Islam or other religion the main medical ethic is and should be "to heal and do no harm".

Whether you are in western world or not should not make a difference. The basic thing some Muslims in health tend to overlook or are unaware is "Doctor - patient relationship or Nurse - patient relationship" which outlines outlines this is sacred and strict encounter not pleasure exposure or touch. Female nurse bathing male patients or male doctor examining female shouldnot cause any harm at all except if one is pervert or sex deprived and trying to take advantage of sick person who trusted him or her.
My point is not every exposure or touch leads to something else.

If as health care provider you are still uncomfortable in this situation, then one should look for different profession where there will be no encounters at all.


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