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Impact of adverse drug reaction in Somalia ( waxyeelada daawada ).....????

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 waxaan jeclaan lahaa in aan dhamaan teena afkaarteena aan isku waydaarsano doorka somalia iyo waxyeelada daawoyinka (ADR)...madama aan lawada socona in ay somalia laheen urur xakameeya waxyeelada daawoyinka iyo kaalintii pharmacist oo ay buuxiyeen dad aan qibrad u laheen dawada iyo waxyeelada ay leedahay ............sidaas darteed fikradada ka dhiibo sidii loo yareen lahaa waxyeelada daawoyinka

       1. how we can improve the role of pharmacist role in somalia
       2. is it possible to have licensing authority ( pharmacy council ) which reports and monitors ADR.
       3. knowledge of ADR to somali's ( because somali's take drugs without the knowledge of effects ).
  don't hesitate to give your ideas ...................


 definition of ADR :
      Adverse drug reaction is defined as  "  as unexpected,unintended,undesired or excessive response to a drug that :-

            - requires discontinuing of the drug
            - requires changing of the drug therapy
            - modifying the dose
            - admission to hospital
            - prolongs stay in the health care facility
            - need supportive treatment
            - complicates diagnosis
            - effects prognosis
            - results in temporary or permanent harm , disability or death

Risk factors of ADR

   1. multiple drug therapy
        taking several prescriptions
   2. Age
        infants and young children are special risk of ADR
   3. Sex
        some ADR are common in men.
   4. Inappropriate medication prescribe,use or monitoring.

   5. Altered physiology

   6. Prior history of ADR

   7. Genetic factors.

   8. Pregnancy

   9. Drug allergies.

          Types of Adverse Drug Reaction ( ADR )

          the most widely accepted classification is based on the following :
             1. Immunologic ( Hypersensitivity )
             2. Non-Immonlogic

1. Non-immunologic

     A. Predictable  ( Type A )
       - often predictable and dose dependent.i
       - responsible for two third of ADR.
       - example
             drug toxicity    ( Eg/- hypertoxicity from paracetamol )
             drug overdose  ( Eg/- seizure from excessive lidocaine )
    B. Unpredictable ( Type B)

       - Idiosyncratic or immunologic reactions.
       - rare and unpredictable .
       - examples
            idiosyncratic  ( haemolytic anaemia with G6PP deficiency after primequine therapy )

2. IMMUNOLOGIC ( Hypersensitivity )

      A. Type-1 : Allergy

      B. Type-2 : Antibodies.
      C. Type-3 : Immune complex ( antigen-antibody reaction )
      D. Type-4 : T-Cells

     we will discuss for further discussions .............and try to contribute and share your ideas with us .........
     hadii aad haysid kalmad loosoogabin karo ADR in somali try to mention ..........tanx alot.

This link is helpful,979.0.html

This link is so important and hope members will gives good view about this thread. Upper post cover so many good things and good information.
I visited last members link from this post it is so meaningful and like to read.

 wad ku mahadsantahay walal abdicade ,barnaamijkan adka u sareeya ee aad soo bandhigtay...........
   in my point of  view , i think that we can do this but at what time ????? 
  its when we get agovenment that roles all the country as one ..
 the only club that can manage and reports tha ADR is the minestry of healthy and now we have not that ministry ,even if it exist it cant ..
and also i think if we stablish in our universities this fpculty of pharmacy i think it would be better then this ........


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