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yup,Paki is great place to study medicine as it has some of the finest universities in the world... one of the good things about the place is that the number of patients u get to see in your clinical rounds is second to none ..its cheap to live here,cheap to get any number of books u desire! i have at least 3 books for every subject with different authors...and imagine the wealth of knowledge that will be at your disposal! as geeljire said the language is a bit of hindrance but no doctor will speak the local language during lectures or at the wards... but this Pakistan studies has been eliminated from the curriculum in most of the medical universities to give students more time to concentrate on other subjects....
well in most uni-s they do anatomy,physiology and biochemistry in the first 2 years...its like they divide these subjects into 2 parts.... like anatomy u will need to do upper limb,lower limb,general embryology,general anatomy,and histology plus neuroanatomy(detailed study of CNS and its clinical s)...then when u pass to second year u will do head and neck(everything from the glands to the Eustachian tube to foremen ), thorax,abdomen,pelvis and perineum special embryo...and systemic histology...the same goes for physio and biochem......and when u come to 3rd year,oh my god, u start feeling like DOCTOR! Pathology and all those diseases to study will make u absorb the whole thing  and interesting and waited to this for long..and believe it was worthwhile!...pharmacology is wonderful and microbiology is like being told to memorize the names of the people who live China!!!... but once it goes to your will just die with will be fixed right there!!...
and one advice i wanna give is you go and read DOCTORS by Erich Segal , i read it just before i started my first makes u feel great!!
all da best and always remember as ibna-batuta  put it " medicine is not a taught subject,its a learn t subject!!!....

Students are required upon entering first year in B.Pharm. studies to take introductory courses in the area of knowledge of pharmaceutical  sciences with general education.

Fundamental courses in the field of humanities (Islamic Learning or Pakistan Studies), social sciences (Sociology and Economics), natural sciences (Physiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Microbiology), and mathematical sciences (Mathematics and Statistics) are given in order to ensure that the students of pharmacy have a well rounded education in general, both in liberal arts and science. Although all the courses are compulsory throughout B.Pharm. course duration of 4 years.

The curriculum is so designed to provide basic knowledge in the very first year, which enhances to some extent in the second year along with professional orientation of drug substances, ultimately leading to the total professional learning of pharmacy subjects in third and forth years.

This approach successively builds the under-graduate program in pharmacy and prepares the students to acquire knowledge in Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Quality Control, Medicinal Chemistry, Spectroscopy of Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Technology, Industrial Pharmacy, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Management and Jurisprudence, Retail Pharmacy, Cosmetology, Physical Pharmacy, Bio-Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics.

It can be visualized that undergraduate course in pharmacy has a pyramid like structure, consequently leading to understand drug molecules in all its detail and entirety.

At the end of forth year, the students are provided training either in the industry or hospital to acquaints them with practical aspect of the profession and to expose them with real practice. which is quite amply reflected in their program of studies.

Now the B-pharmacy course was upgraded to Pharm.D in 2003. Pharm.D in Pakistan is a professional bachelor degree consisting of 5 years i.e. 10 semesters. most universities in Pakistan are offering the Pharm.D program such as Karachi University, Dow College of Pharmacy etc. the qualified institutes are recognized by the Pakistan Pharmacy Council.

DOW Univesity of Health Sciences

Dow International Medical College
in Karachi

Dr Caqil:
ascww first of all my name is mohamed and i finished my high school in uganda.
 i would just one member from u to help me about pakistan medicine universities. am greatfull intresting to study medicine .
 my question is hw can i get the vise of pakistan. and which time did they the students. in sohrt time for intake
 any information will be successfull


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