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 Bis Milaaah!
    Just wanted to cover few answers that you may have about studying medicine in Cairo, Egypt.
I live in Cairo, Egypt and I'm enrolled in Cairo Univeristy medical school in my last years. Few of the questions I want to answer is 1-Which university has the best medical school in Cairo? and 2-What are the tuitions?

- In general there is about 5 Medical schools in Cairo and 3 of which is public and 2 is private, usually its about 6 years of schooling and 1 year of intership, the public medical schools include Cairo university medical school, Ain Shams medical school, and Azhar medical school which is unique' the private medical schools are 6 October medical school and Misr medical school.
-Azhar is unique as Dr.Misk described, you must go through Azhar highschool in order to get to their medical school with high marks, if you have not attended Azhar high school you will not get accepted and the tuition usually is through scholarship for all Azhar univerisity students.

-Cairo and Ain Shams medical schools are different, you can graduate any high school within Cairo, Egypt or abroad and still apply and will get accepted if you reach their requirements and what not, the tuition fee's for Cairo and Ain Shams medical schools can be one of 2, you may get scholarship and if not required to pay a fee of 3000 pound sterling for the 1st year and the following 5 years 1500 pound sterling.

-6 October and Misr medical schools are more private schools and more expensive, there is no scholarships and tuition is about 5000 dollars US per a semester for 6 October and about 4000 per semester for Misr univeristy.

NB: In General all universities are good and the knowledge is pretty much the same the only difference's is as I mentioned above.

NB: The books and exams are all in the English language but professors in all the univeristies I mentioned may deliver the lecture in arabic, so to know or have an idea about the arabic language is an asset.

NB: The only universities which go by GPA systems as in semesters are the private universities only, which is 6 October and Misr Universities, Cairo and Ain Shams universities go by annual exams which is about 80% final marks and hence no GPA system.

NB: I recommend students traveling from North America and Europe who don't have much backround of the Arabic to enroll in the private schools and will gradually adapt to it where as the public univiersities is more of a little husle.
    I hope that answers much of your questions and worries about Cairo,Egypt Med schools and what not. Best Wishes to all med students and may Allah be pleased of us and guide us to the right path.

Any further questions it would be my pleasure.
Salaam 3alaykum.

hi xaasi,
pls tell me more in admission at egypt the fee structure and other important procedure, i want to take admission in MBBS i am from nepal.



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