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Asalamu Aleikum everyone,

As I'm due to go on my medical elective abroad this summer inshAllah, I would like to know what have u guys done/planning to do for your electives.
Looking forward to ur replies ;)


--- Quote from: Mona on January 13, 2010, 07:24:29 PM ---Asalamu Aleikum everyone,

 i do not now  but i would like to go in somalia in sha allaah that is my plan
--- End quote ---

wa alaykuma salaam,

I am going InshaAllah on electives this summer 2 :)

INshaAllah if I pass finals, InshaAllah,INshaAllah INshaAllah :D

Tried to get into some arab countries of which only Dubai has responded... I really want to go to a muslim country, but can't consider many due to finances and parents understandable wishes :) You know parents , they hear one story....khalas....but their looking out for our safety I suppose ..
I would absolutely love to go to Somalia, never been , two institutions have responded almost immediately to my email reuqests funny enough.. one hospital charges medical students a fortune I def. can not afford and have not formalized anything as of yet with the other. However, I am certainly not allowed to go as it is againt my medical school policy to allow students to travel to certain areas....which is ridiculous as I am sure it is far more unsafe in Colombia, South Africa,etc with its gunshot epidemics than it is in certain areas in Somalia people return to each year....but I geuss they are also just looking out for the safety of their students.

So plan is InshaAllah go Dubai stay for few weeks and still go Somalia (never been there-dead curious), but just write an elective report on Dubai.

Hope it works out...if nothing does, I'll just stay here... going mental with finals stress as it is.

I dream of going to Gambia (just sounds cool, lol) or Indonesia, would be an amazing if u have a mahram and lots of cash go there and fulfill my dream,lol,lol.

Hope it works out for you



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