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Why Medicine?!

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Naomy Grace:

wallah for me

i never wanted to study medicine

i used to love architecture..and still...but my father is like all somali men...he told me ..either medicine..or stay home washing dishes i studied medicine

but now i know that i was born to be a doctor...all i think about is how to be a better student..and a better god help me to reach my goal :)

because so much of what medication does for us in our heads, the patient doesn't know what they get but the researchers know who got the new drug and who got the placebo, and they can see what side effects are caused be the drug instead of the patients imagination, and how well it performs compared to patients who think they took it.

Acne Treatment

Its the moooooooooooooooooooooonnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey...........!???!!!! ;D loooooooooooool.just kiddin

desagree dr. keyf, it's not most money, thr r some ppl who get paid half a million like  finance, Bussiness or management positions

i was joking my friend,humor to light up the place.speaking of humor,why hv our funny posters stopped posting the funny stuff?plz bring back the humor in somalidoc ;D


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