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Is it just me or do other medical students also believe that the subjects that we study in first year medicine, like maths, computer, physics are not exactly related to medicine and are of no practical use to the medical doctor. And even if some parts of some subjects e,.g maths and physics might be related, the majority is not related...for example pythagoras theorom and sine, cosine and tangent are completely useless in medicine..and similarly projectile motion and motion graphs and so on...basically only a few topics are of use. so why dont they just teach us those topics only instead of overloading us with junk.

thanks in advance for any replies :)


dr.abdullahi, you are not alone, there are also some students beleive that.
part of maths and physics relate medicine but not all of it.
math is important in treatment of some diseases like diabetes, also it's important in drug dosage.
but I don't know importance of pythagoras theorom to medicine.
but if you are going to specialize in some parts of medicine there is close relation between math/physics and medicine.
Usually these subjects are taken in the first semester or first year in certain universities.

Ofcourse some parts of the course are related, but the question is how much of the course? I would really be interested if someone knows the answer to that question.

math  is problem solving, Dr they should  figure out to solve problems,defecults, complexs medical issues, i hear while ago machanics asks the Drivers of the car as the Dr asks patients question about their health,symtoms,history,and related  Q. as a Dr you need to broad your education to every subject even cars, incase some tells this burn or injury is some car accident ... you need to ask your self can the cars cause such burns, i have seen people lying to Drs to  get pay some thing.. all i mean is broad yur educations and knowlegde to every subject it will make yu smart


In some specialities like forensics you may need to know about certain non-medical historical background information of the patient. It is true that a doctor needs to broaden his knowledge but i dont think that he needs to know all about cars.


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