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--- Quote from: Dr.Abdullahi on September 20, 2007, 09:01:49 PM ---Is it just me or do other medical students also believe that the subjects that we study in first year medicine, like maths, computer, physics are not exactly related to medicine and are of no practical use to the medical doctor. And even if some parts of some subjects e,.g maths and physics might be related, the majority is not related...for example pythagoras theorom and sine, cosine and tangent are completely useless in medicine..and similarly projectile motion and motion graphs and so on...basically only a few topics are of use. so why dont they just teach us those topics only instead of overloading us with junk.

thanks in advance for any replies :)


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The reason for what they teach at first year medicine is to get every one at the same level as you have alot of people from different background. So they want every one at that first year to be at the same level. Besides who would want to go a doc who haven't been taught maths at college. Ever thought about how that doc would prescribe the right dose of drug. Everything is important and crucial. 8)

Ofcourse some parts of the course are related, but the question is how much of the course? I would really be interested if someone knows the answer to that question.


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