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Asalaamu Calaykum,

I am a new member of this forum, I was Googling what Tiifoow means in English and I found this wonderful site. Hopefully, it will be a wonderful experience.

Currently, I am in my last year of Nuclear Medicine Tech, expected to graduate Sep 2010. Is there any other Nuc Med Tech in here?

Thanks all,

Calaykuma salaam

Hargeisas Star:
Calykum Salam Walalo,,

Welcome 2 Da Siteeee... b4 u get Haapppy I Aint NM Tech:p ... Am Jus A student Radiographerr,, i have Bn To NM In Ma Placement Nd I Enjoyed EveryDay Offf It..

Gooooooooooood Luck

Salam  ;D

Hi ali ..

i finish my medical college and i now working as general practise .. on Dubai hospital .. am very happy her .. but l like to contiue my specilaist career... so wat up ther .. thers chance ?


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