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Asalamu alaikum,
 I just wanted to know from those who have taken the USMLE , how long does it take on an avgerage to study for it (non US students)? And also can you do it while you have your regular clincals and uni or do you have to be entirly free just for USMLE? Esp of you want to get in the 90 plus percentile. Thank you

sis summya ofcourse u can now apply 4 USMLE but it's better for you if you apply it once you graduate because USMLE is  clinically oriented exam and by that time you will be more familiar with the clinical cases and how to deal with them and about the exam it depends on you and how you work hard but i think it's better to be free just for the preparations because USLME is not an easy task as many people think!!... according to me i think u need like 9 months preparation and 8-9 hours per day to get high score on the first shot..wa rabana yiwafigik wa yisahlik

You need to buy nbme Assessment exams and study until you are getting the score you want.
Everyone is different, some study a week others may suggest a year.  6 weeks sounds reasonable.
For step 1: read first aid multiple times and do punch of questions daily or use kaplan material
for Step 2 ck: do as many questions as you can.
for step 2 cs: buy first aid cs and practice with friend - need about 2 weeks. *** be super polite and get all of your brownie points, talk as clearly as possible even if english is your first language.
for step 3: ?
wa'alaikum salaam

remember, these exams dont test how much you know, they test how much high yield material you know so focus on high yield material. I spent significant hours reading about topics not in the exam. They also test your perseverance(8-9hrs exam) so practice accordingly


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