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Why somali people see the pharmacy as store and the pharmacist as good seller

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  let me first great you awhole hearted greating from my chest, peace and mercy of allah be upon you bro and sisters....
    after that have we asked our self before this time why somali people see the pharmacy as store ,and the pharmacist as a good seller????????????
  since we know that in our country the pharmacies are like stores there is no doctor of pharmacy there is no roles of pharmacy ,only give me the money and take this ,i dont know what it is, but only you eat i think you will recover soon... that is what those in the pharmacy say every day to the patients, they dont care the condition of the patient , the dose , the prescription letter ,the age of the patient , is this drug is suitble for him or she?????
 no resposibilty at all ....... no care ............ no health education........
  as we know to day the drugs in somalia   altered ,to OTC ( drugs over the conter)  so why and how can we alter this condition bro and sis ......

Nothing can be done as long there is no health regulation, licensing authority and pharmaceutical control division where these pharmacies operate.


 I accept your whole hearted greeting and return one back to you insha'n'Allah.

   I am ashame to say that you are absolutely right, ....I remember when my sister came back from somalia and she being a phamacist really got to her ...the careless manner they gave out drugs ....she says it was bad enough that they were given any drug for a price ....but to give out of date drugs was even worse.

      But one thing she did says .....when she educated they people about it terms of uses and how they are wasting money on in effective product ....people started to ask question they people dont want the side effect if they were aware ...they would avoid it. So I do believe that something can be done to minimise this trade. Education Education Education.....

Insha'n'Allah with more stability what pharmacist says we can establish those regulation and authority ....but we will need time and Sabr.....traits  we somali have little off.

    so .... if the condition is like how u suggested ...why our doctrs of pharmacy go back to home .. and try to alter this condition ...i think they can do that..... and establish regulation and athority that cares the pharmacies ...since drug is the base of the health .....
      it was last weak when i heard minester of health in puntland state ..and also somaliland saying .... when we made satatics we knew that the patients who are sick for the sake of bad treatment are more then who are lying for diseases ...............

Nothing can be done for now since the so called governments are struggling for their survival instead of setting up quality control unit for the imported drugs!!!!!.

No Offense but it's reality.


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