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What is the most surprisng thing a patient has done for you ?


Asalaamu Calaykum brothers and Sisters

   I open this topic because today a patient surprised me. A surprise that completly took me unguard.I believe that we do have to share the good inspirational things that happens in ones professional wether its a tiny thank or huge gift or great hug, they are part of the things that makes you feel a happy emotion.These are stories that affirms why you choice your profession.

So Inshan'Allah I will start with mine.

I work in a neonatal unit and at times it can be quite hectic and you feel that you havent given each patient your best quality of care.  Therefore many fall in the trap of seperating the patient from the parents. They tend to do their job as a tick list. my unit had one of those days. Alxamdulilah due to our religion, I find it quite hard notto give the support that alot of the parents crave for ......and on a unit like this the stress level plus emotions is quite high. Anyhow at the end of my shift, One of the parents gves me a card, I was actually thinking the card was for the unit as a whole, however the parentd stressed that it is for me only and further explained how much I have helped her and how much more confident they felt. The more they were praised me for the care I have given them, the more embarrassed i became (I dont take compliment well, a failt of mine). I thanked them for the card and went to change....However half way down the hall I opened the card and inside was a gift card with quite  an amount. To be appreciate is one thing but to act upon it is quite another level and I never expected it.

it just goes to show that  A smile is a virtue, gentleness is an act of worship and leniency is a good deed.

W'Salaam Ikram sister....
that is so sweet. well to me something happened last week so I have to share it now :-)

I work in Pediatric ward in government hospital and there was a 5yrs old boy who had Acute Bronchiolitis with RD.
the maid stayed with him almost 24hrs and mother comes in between (very irritable and disturbing mother) who always scream on the maid.
One day, she lost her wallet or so she claimed, and came directly to me as I was sitting in the nursing station, it was 7pm and she started yelling
I asked her to calm down and to remember where she kept it and when she lost it, since we have a big poster mentioning "you should keep your valuables with you coz its not our responsibility) and I know that our Drs / Nurses / Porters and cleaners don't steal a thing and whatever we find
we just keep it in the narcotic box and inform the PRO. When the group leader talked to her (who was Indian) she yelled at her in a disrespectful way, knowing that most of the Kuwaitis kinda disrespect Indian / Filipino nurse and appreciate more Arab nurses specially Kuwaitis / who ever knows the accent perfectly.
Me as a Somali lady don't take that kinda yelling and moved from the station, after few minutes she came asking for help in a very politely way which kinda made me surprised... then I helped her to calm down, look in her bag or even in the house / car and get back 2 us in the morning to know the updates.... the other day she started beating the maid and took her to the police station and came back home yelling as usual...
I couldn't take it personally and I answered back rudely just the way she was talking because I was shocked to see her beating the maid who she always say she never steal from her....
since that day, mother avoids me and we don't talk and when it was about time to be discharged, she looked for me asking Where is Munira and
she hugged me and apologised deeply for being rude ... I didn't expect that AT ALL and so was everyone.

And that was the most surprising thing that a patient has ever done to me

Waaw Princessmuni ....
  Although I have never dealt with a patient or a parent who behaviour like what you just described. I have come across people like that tho and I have come to realise ...when its time to leave or after they left ...they are the ones who always send a thank you letter or card it because guilt do you think?....mmmhh

Well Princess ...there is no excuse for the way she treated her maid ....and I cant imagine how you must have felt seeing they not know they are muslims ., really sad to hear and see such behaviour from your fellow muslims.

So sister well done and at least she realised her wrong doings....

Dr. Acromion:

There are a couple of times when patients surprised me, completely off guard, most of them are inform of gifts,  I even blush whenever  they do it , especially in front of my colleagues and resist as much as I can but usually in vain. The most interesting one was when my patient Ali (not the real name)  after weeks of recuperation in the surgical unit  following stab injuries he sustained in a brawl, just on the day of his discharge he offered me 1/4 Kg of halwa, of course i declined to take at first and told him he needed it more than me to fully recover and even reminded him that I get paid for the work I do.............he insisted I take it and it has nothing to do this and that ,  ' I want just to express my gratitude' to everyone especially you...........things like that. Anyway, I had to take it. This incident was both surprising and interesting because I developed a habit of buying Halwa and keeping it with myself there so that I take a piece of it whenever I have break...................and keep hypocglycemia at bay.

kkkk Dr. Acromion ....are you sure you not just addicted to halwa .....Hypoglycaemia kulahaa..kkk...thanks I might sure that excuse as well .

but Masha'n'Allah thanks for sharing that with us and you have brought up an important refusing are we causing more "Haram" . It can be very hard for the patient who really want to express ones gratitude have it thrown back at them....not that i am saying you did that Dr. Acromion.

 delivering a service is one thing, add compassion to the service has a huge different meaning too it


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