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What is The couse of UncounTable Rbc In Male Urine!!??


I need To know whatz da Couse of UncounTable Rbc in Male Urine??  ???

pardon , but I don't get it, Do you mean Blood in urine or RBC's in Urine, because there is a huge difference between Blood in urine and RBC's in urine.

Blood in urine Medically known as "Hematuria" could be due to one of three Things
**RBCs -----Due to e.g glomerulonephritis
** Hemoglobin --- due to e.g Hemolytic Anemias
**Myoglobin-----due to e.g Recent Trauma

You have to be in lab to say it is RBC, Hemoglobin or myoglobin. 

Please ask your question in a wider aspect..


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