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What do you know about Leprosy?


 Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease, is an infectious disease caused by Hansen's bacillus (the Mycobacterium leprae bacterium). Leprosy can eventually cause a variety of skin problems, loss of feeling, and paralysis of the hands and feet.
 To read about the disease's history, incidence, risk groups, clinical features, how to prevent, and the treatment, visit these websites:
 To see what is it's burden on the public health system, read in the world health organization's website:
 To read about health problems in somalia especially leprosy click these links:
 To read about leprosy in eastern meditarranean region (EMRO), click here:


Schools scan offers early care

Finding victims of leprosy before it causes lasting damage is the aim of a new partnership between International Aid Sweden and WHO in Mogadishu.
In the project, Somali nurses are being trained to screen all children in the city schools and instigate treatment for any found with leprosy, a condition which is now entirely curable.
Screening also provides an entry point for assessment and treatment of families.
Once activities are running smoothly in the capital IAS and WHO trainers plan to move onto the town of Jowhar.
The schools programme complements work being carried out by US NGO World Concern in the riverside areas of South and Central Somalia, where leprosy is endemic. This project, which has received a special US$10,000 grant from WHO headquarters, provides treatment but also sensitises health NGO workers to recognise the disease.
In a separate initiative WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean office has also funded a special factory to make footware for patients who have already suffered damage from leprosy.

That is, if you read carefully, an enough information about leprosy and how to prevent it as a doctor and community health participant. Although the system of 1 day in the year for every major event or disease in the world I dont agree with as an individual, but I think we can take advantage of it in remembering the most crucial and important events and diseases like Leprosy.


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