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FSNAU: Nutrition Crisis in Juba Regions, Somalia


FSNAU has just analyzed the results from 3 livelihood based nutrition surveys conducted in the Juba regions in December. The results indicate a significant deterioration from 6 months ago, with all 3 surveys reporting results above 25% global acute malnutrition (GAM) . All livelihoods illustrate equal levels of crisis, with 30.7% GAM and 7.8% severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in the Pastoral livelihood, 29.7% GAM and 6.4% SAM in the Riverine livelihood and 26.1% GAM and 6.2% SAM in the Agro-pastoral livelihood zone. The results illustrate the impact of the failed short rains, which has affected much of Somalia due to the La Nina phenomenon. The surveys covered both Middle and Lower Juba Regions.
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