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Can we work in Somalia as Health Professionals???

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salam to everyone ..
It's 2011 and i guess we should do something about the health sector in Somalia , first i would like to introduce myself i'm Iman ismail i studied Medical lab technology in UAE for four years and i believe i should work in my country and i was amazed by this site really i'm soo proud of you guys ...All of you are health professionals and most of you has experience which is priceless .But is it safe to work there?is it possible to make such diference! or is it such dreams?

There are some parts in Somalia which are safe, you can practice in North (Somaliland) & East (Puntland) but it may be difficult for you to work in south Somalia.

If you can work in Somalia, definitely you will make difference, this is not a dream.

The country in need for health professionals who can participate in capacity building.

asc sis iman

i'm very grateful of your interest in helping your country and your people get benefit of your knowledge and experience,,,  i studied medical lab technology from india and i came to somalia NOv 2008 and i work as medical laboratorist and yes it is safe and you can work in somalia   ,,,   bilmunasabah i live in garowe - puntland ,  we made an umbrealla which hosts the scientists and named it as MEDICAL SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION , PUNTLAND , most of the members are holding masters and bachelor degree in microbiology , biochemistry, pathology, entomology, and many other fields.....

so we hope our fellow brothers in somaliland to do so , and as well as our collegues in south to do so , and join all the associations in one association ,,, that is our dream

so again   YES it is safe to work in somalia , we need your knowledge and experience and SOMALIA NEEEDS YOU

said abdulkadir

Thanx to you all  ::) im very glad to hear that atleast now i can get experience knowing where im going to end up at last ... :D UAE rules we should take the exam first ...wish me good luck :)

Mama Gaftin:

It is humbling to know that you are thinking about our country and how you can contribute.  The idea alone is worth a ton!  Until you achieve your goal, keep your dream alive, and I shall dream with you.

Mama Gaftin


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