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Health care system in UAE is undergoing a significant transformation, and the UAE is working with leading US institutions to develop its health care system. The UAE seeks to become a major center for world-class health care in the Middle East especially Dubai city. Thus Dubai city provides lot of jobs opportunities. However they are interested in western educated professionals and they require experience at least 2 years. In my case I have just finished my Bachelor degree in medical lab technology and currently searching for a job in private health sector. So I hope that I can get a job soon. inshalah  ;)

 salamu calaykum Mina

I'm very happy to see some graduates of medical lab degree , looking for a job especially in UAE and Generally in Gulf countries , i was looking forwad to do job in that Area whether UAE or QATAR or SAUDI ARABIA , but is it  compulsary to get that much of  experience (2 years)? in order to get a job in uae hspitals  ?  what abt 1 year experience ?
 as we are in the same field and our conditions are same , it would be great for me to get more information abt your job looking , and by the way i have graduated from INDIA and am not holding a foreign passport ? lol  , so am really interested in Gulf , let me hear from u mina  and thanx

In order 2 work in UAE u should have 1 year experience (inside uae) and then sit for da ministry of health certification exam which z consist of 2 parts (oral and written) then u can apply for any job. However dis applies only to ministry of health bcoz there are other health providers in uae  and they apply different system.

Ministry of health

General Authority for Health Services in Abu dhabi

Department of health in dubai

Welcome to the web Toldo. It is good to have you in here. I havent had a chance to visit the website for a long time and i have noticed other sisters have also become members. I want to say to all welcome and i hope u like the place.

Toldo it is true that it would be nice to work in UAE. I myself like to go there and work, but i dont know how to get there. I leave the matter for Allah. im sure sis Mina could help us.


 Salamu calaykum

After salaam , i here thank greatly sis mina who gave us a bright information abt uae and it is procedures for job openings ?

 Sumaya finally u wrote a letter lol any way thank u for ur welcoming to the junior comer to this site and this forum specially coz in all this website waxa kaliya ka jeclaaday si khaas ah forumkan coz all my ppl and all my topics are discussed here.  and dont worry we already got a branch in UAE that is (Mina) and she will be there for us loooll......  good luck every 1 ....


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