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Hi salam

Nice to see somali girls that study biochemistry analyse usually its only somali males that study it :)


True, bro but time is diffrent now  :D
 By the way what do you study?. I know some words in swedish like hur mår du, vad heter du?  and so on. I hope i write it right lool

Salam aleykum,

masha allaah, its good to see ppl working in this field. I just came across this site today and I had to join it instantly. I need some advise guys, I am a recent biological science graduate and i have been finding it extremely difficulty to get a job with my degree. All the hospitals I have looked at require one to have work experience. I was just wondering how did u guys get into the field. Is there a great demand for lab students in your countries. Esp in Australia, i was considering movin there in the near future. so Dr Xalima Patra. tell me sis? is there a demand for lab techs, and also how would one go about finding one, plus do they always ask for work experience as is the case in the uk. or are they willing to train ppl? please let me know. sumaya, would i have to speak finish to work in finland?

^^ I had the same problem....only advice I can give you is call up or write to local hospitals *department you're interested in e.g biochem, cytology, histology etc* asking them for work experience...or get in touch with your old profs *if your uni was very research orientated they will always be looking for research assistants*

good luck in your search

I just registered, i´m very happy to be here. Glad to see my fellow somalis around the globe oo wax barashada ku dadaalayo.
I hope we all succeed in this world and the hereafter.

Well, I am studying biomedical science. studied in the uk and moved back to sweden to continue with my studies.
Looking for a job at the moment, but as someone mentioned here, they are looking for someone with experience. I guess i´ll have to call the local hospitals and ask for work experince.

Penguin are you who I think you are?
"Oh mere" **hint hint**


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