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Hani Damaayo:
asalamualykum bro/sis
i am so happy i stumbled cross this site. it is amazing to see how well our somali brothers and sister are doing cross the Globe.
I am biomedical student myself.
i wish you all the best in your professional careers  and studies.

aslamu calaykum wa rahmatulah wabarakatuhu.i m very glad to see Somali doctors,educators and students all over the world  who are trying to make differences.i m AYAN studying medical lab science second year in Malaysia.this website helped m alot and i hope others too may Allah reward all of the people were behind.

Hani and Yusra and Filsan  aad ban anagana ugu faraxsannahay soo biiritaankiina plz join the forum and let us interchange the knowledge that everyone is bearing....


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