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Is it possible to get part of pharmacy in the minester of health in Somalia??

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    As we know to day our country has no good government ,that can enlight and cover all the needs of the people ............ even we dont have the  things thet are neccersary for life the like security .. healthy and etc... but somalia is somalia if it become somali land or puntland .... so we can say that these two so called governments (somaliland and puntland) have still some thing that can help them to make the life possible ... but themselves turned deef the minesters of health ....especially the parts of pharmcy ... as we see to day in these countries we life has great power in the minester of health .......
     so the question is how can we establish or make creadible to add the minster of health part of pharmacy that cares pharmacy ... the quality of the drugs that enters the country ... the rules of pharmacy .... and etc.......
                   and thanks alot

Gambool, suppose you are elected today for health minister position in any region in Somalia, what will be your agenda to setup quality control unit in health ministry department and how are you going to track every drug that's brought from abroad and which pharmacy is selling out expired or fake drugs? and which doctor is prescribing outdated medications?....

  thank u mr pharmacist................ if i am elected to be the minister of health or even site lower then  this, i would like to establish that part ,which is responsible for drugs .... and my agenda will be as follows.
  first i would forbiden any drug that enters the counrty with out throug the part of quality control of drugs in minister of health ,and with out permision of the minister of health...
  second i would make forbiden  pharmacy with out pharacist... and i will force those who have expersiace more then five or ten years of pharmacy but not studed pharmacology to enter the colleges and universities of pharmacy ,,that is when we establish colleges of pharmacy .since they are not deserved to be neglected .becouse  experiance is better then theory today.. all of this is when i get people who are working and uderstanding some thing like me ...since it was said before (many hands make light work) and i would like you, to be one of them ..........

Salam  gud issue i realy appreciated would u plz make this our SLOGAN to make point . Dr. Abdirizak  pharmacist

  sorry mar abdirazak i think ididnt get your point


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