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Are You Interested in Medical Drama?

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Before I start to post free links to most popular dramas in medical field, I would like to know if anyone interested in TV medical dramas like Dr.House, ER, Grey's Anatomy...etc.

Waiting your replies..

Of the most common 4 Medical series Dr.House is the only one worth wasting time on...
Greys anatomy is all about Romance..
Scrubs is just for fun and comedy..
ER it is also worth watching....after Houser MD

House, MD is the best.

Dear Guys,,,,,, I have watched all the Drama Series But I only Like Dr.House which is really a wonderful drama Series in Medical Field .

wow house is the only special and the best i watched all the seasons , i remember one of his famous sayings " everybody lies" . but he is always immoral person other than its fine i liked...
"idiacy is wat killing this people i can't treat them" lol i can't stop watching outstanding medical drama.


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