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Study common diseases and discussing all of things about this disease.



                                        In the name of Allah.                             
                                                           Peace of allah be upon you.
First I say thanks to all of our members and especially thanks to admin of this forum and all moderators.
 As we know to make progress in one field is not easy and needs more and more efforts, more researches and more reading and understanding of every things from (A to Z). So study of medicine and relating field needs especially efforts.
For example if study medicine you must study  at least 17 hours per day that is not easy, so you have to make changes in your life style.
 On back I want to start one of most important topic in my idea that is:

Study common diseases and discussing all of things about this disease.

Overview how to suggest these topics:

1. Name of disease.
2. Definition.
3. Aetiology of disease.
4. Symptoms and signs.
5.  Fate and complication (if present).
6. Diagnosis.
7. Treatment.
8. Prevention (if present)
9. Morbidity and mortality (if present).
10. Cases relating to this topic.
11. Common trick question of this  cases.

 So I wait your comments how to see this opinion.

This is very good idea and count me in.

This will help mostly medical students and doctors as well to have extensive knowledge about each disease.

Everyone can contribute with one fact about the disease and benefit from others.

Comment: could you prepare a list of certain diseaes that we can go through it one by one e.g "Infectios diseases list" this will look like more organized and our specialists in that certain category will contribute better.

I have seen similar thought in, they present daily one topic and discuss everything about it.

Thanks for the idea.

This is something nice but participators should avoid copyright issues; admins & moderators should not accept copy & paste texts from other websites.

We need precise and informative information about the topic, don't make it too complicated especially for students.

Thanks doctors for you suggestions.
My dear members I start this discussion to reduce the effect of common diseases in our country and to get if there is another way which is better this suggestion my be useful.
My dear DR. MAHDI suggest me that is good for as to discuss the common diseases in our country in the form of (clinical presentation of the disease and how to diagnose before we send investigation).
This form can give many of our doctors in the country which may be difficult for them to get a reliable laboratory result, and can decrease load of investigations which may be unnecessary to order.

Doctors who order such unnecessary investigations doesn't mean that they don't have enough knowledge to diagnose their cases but it's kind of business & the patient is happy to buy two bags full medicine....

By doing this for long time, the clinical knowledge will be vanished & the doctors always rely on investigations.

Too Shame!


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