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New nurse wana be a doctor soon

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 :) hi everyone so excited to find this website i believe it will benefit alot of somalis
thanks again

Hodaney, happy to see found your way to SomaliDoc Family.

Enjoy staying with us.

Welcome Hodaney, so tell us are you a nursing student or a nurse who is studying medicine?

 :) thank you both. i am a nurse since 06. getting ready for medical school.

i am having hard times on deciding on whether to become ob/gyn doctor which i will be perfect for somali women becouse i am a women or to become trama surgeon which i have dream about it since i watched a show called trama in discovery health. hmmmm
i dont know. long story short still thinking about it.
i am gona give myself this year to think about it becouse u dont wana become something u dont enjoy. u know
yeah so wish me luck
and good luck to all
p.s ramadan kariim


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