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Enumerate 15 structures pierced this bullet....?



 Geelle is 30 year old coming to you in the emergency part of hospital after he pierced by a pullet fired from a gun on the anterior abdominal wall at the junction between the midline and transpyloric plane.


     Enumerate 15 structures pierced this pullet as it passed his body (from anterior abdominal wall to opposite site of back) then to the outside.

           by Dr. Habiib



1. Skin of abdomen.
2. Superficial fascia.
3. Linea alba.
4. Fascia transversalis.
5. Extraperitoneal connective tissue.
6. Parietal peritoneum.
7. pylorus of stomach.
8. Lesser sac.
9. Parietal peritoneum of posterior abdominal wall.
10. Abdominal aorta.
11. Superior mesenteric artery.
12. Body of first lumbar vertebra.
13. Terminal end the spinal cord.
14. Spine of L1 vertebra.
15. Skin of back.

  This is an applied Anatomy so if you are in field of medicine you must make more and more effort to be ready for any trick  that will come in the exam because some times the question comes as essay question or as short cases or any other models.
Please and please read the question several times before you start the answer and you must write with clear handwriting because sometimes you write the best answer but your professor can not read your handwriting that is bad; so you will lose marks.
The anatomy one of basic sciences of medical field and if learn clearly you will be easy to study surgery so don`t forget your hope before you lose more marks that help you to reach your hope.


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