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Can I buy fertility pills in a store?


Can I buy fertility pills in a store? Is there a such thing as chewable ? Im not good with swallowing pills. Are they big pills? And also with prenatal vitamins, i heard there are chewables for those, where can I find them? I bought some chewable centrum vitamins but they dont have the right amounts of folic acid and others needed. I am trying to concieve by the way....any answers will be helpful, thank you

you mention that you are trying to conceive. You must first investigate yourself for failure to conceive. i am afraid taking fertility pills without knowing the cause for failure to conceive is not advisable

I think, it must be better if you consult your physician regarding this matter. OB-gyne is the perfect one for your case. There you can discuss all your concern's and what's the right pills or vitamins for you. It is not advisable for you take any kind of medicine without the doctor's advise. ;)

I think you can but you have to consult with your OB first


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