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Could you please tell me the difference b/w these board exams or at least compare it?
I know USMLE is for USA and MRCP for UK, but my question is: if any postgraduate need to get medical license in UK or USA, which exam is better for him to take?

A/C Dear Bro
I will try to answer all ur questions. let is take it one by one
u said you that USMLE for USA. USMLE exam are for everyone who wants to practice in the US, regardless whether u graduated from US based medical school or out of the US. even if u already a PG and wants to practice in the US u have to take USMLE exam, which is normally equivalent undergraduate exam.
it is 3  Steps, I,II (2 part, Clinical knowledge, Clinical Skills), III.
after passing the exam, u apply residency which is PG.
MRCP is totally different form USMLE, MRCP is for PG, and to have MRCP does not guarantee u a  job in UK. to practice UK u have to take  PLAB exam which has two part. after passing PLAB then u r allowed to practice UK.
USMLE=PLAB. USMLE for all Dr regardless were they studied, whereas PLAB for non-EU.
the problem is to practice UK u have to be a British, or EU citizen.
hope this answers ur question.
This was the answer I received from Kassim, hope you get benefit from it


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