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Teratogenic Drugs?!


Does anyone have list of harmful drugs during pregnancy?
Please post it here or give me a link?
Thanks in advance
Real Pharmacist

I will try to get the list for you, but you know new drugs are not allowed to be tested on pregnant ladies, so the effects of a lot of drugs are not known, so it's better to ask in this way: Does anyone know a list of safe drugs during pregnancy?

But there are notorious drugs with harmful side effects in pregnant ladies and these are some samples:

Thalidomide----amelia, or micromelia (absence os limbs or very short limbs)
Phenytoin----fetal hydantoin syndrome
Chloramphenicol----grey baby syndrome
Tetracyclines-----teeth malformation and discoloration
Aspirin----early closure of ductus arteriosus
Carbamazepine-----cleft lip and palate
Warfarin----Recommended use only during the 13th to 36th week of pregnancy because of fetal abnormalities associated with it's use during the first trimester - chondrodysplasia punctata - and after the 36th week - fetal intracerebral bleeding.
Lithium----Increases the incidence of Ebstein's anomaly, increased associated miscarriage risk with lithium treatment during pregnancy.
Sodium valproate----Increased risk (x20) of infant with spina bifida.
ACE inhibitors---Renal damage
Cocaine----Abnormal fetal dev. & addiction.
DES---Vaginal clear cell adenocarcinoma.
Iodide---Cong. goiter or hypothyroidism.
Isotretinoin---Ear,Brain & Heart malformation.
That's for now, the list will follow

Thanks dr.mahdi,
It was really informative, and I am waiting the list
Real Pharmacist

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Vitamin A is also Teratogenic, its not a drug but its a supplement that cause major damage to the unborn infant.


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