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Reading other than medical books!

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hey guys wanted to find out  how many of u are reading something else other than ur medical books!! the medical books are really too much already to bear but since my tenth grade i have been reading for leisure!.. i love reading autobiographies,biographies...the ones i read include.. my life by bill Clinton, Nothing but the truth,by Dr. Yusuf K Dawood(actually he is my mentor!)he is also the former chairman of Association of East African Surgeons, and governor of rotary district 920,i did also read a man of peace in a world of war by Stanley on Kofi Annan,the former UN secretary general,although it focuses on his professional life.. his social life has also been included..., and this winter break i have already bought that of  Nelson Mandela..! did u read THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE BY Covey.. in it he even recommends the autobiography of Anwar Sadat of Egypt..((i couldn`t get this book at my local library)) on medical writings i read DOCTORS by segul.... please do read this book...its a very fascinating book and a real page-turner!! and the extra bonus is someone in medical career will surely find it meaningful and even relaxing...he extensively uses medical terminologies..but in a way that will make u want more!!. i love reading political biographies,..i have recently did that of Benazir  Bhutto,daughter of the East..
sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur.C.Doyle is great as well....Sidney Sheldon books will stir your imaginations,he is good
i am also looking forward to reading those books by the Somali write Nuraddin Farah.. like, LINKS,YESTERDAY TOMORROW AND, CO.....
    IN addition to that,oh my god i still have to do my PATHOLOGY BASIS OF DISEASES!!! GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS BY TEN TEACHERS!!! AND DAVIDSON!!! INSHALAH waa la moodaa!!
  Lets know what u read for leisure!!!

I do bro, I read Non-medical books for leisure.
Although I don't stick to one type of book, all the books which come across me I would like to read as long as it doesn't contain symptoms and signs.
Medicine is where you run from reading to another reading!.( I like Medicine) ;D

Bro, Moha i have also read same books that you have mentioned in your post they are very good  i have to say try also Malcom X, Martin Luther jr,.  Let me know your opinion about them.

hi Sumayya, i did not read those books u mentioned,but yeah Martin Luther is good i heard, i read excerpts of Malcom X,but the African-American politicians seem a bit more complicated esp those who used to fight the slavery... but a friend of mine on the Oprah Club book said she saw the new book of Barack Obama and it was hilarious...but i told her i gonna read if he wins the race!...
  its good to exchange ideas on leisure reading.... let me know the kind of books u like to read and may be point few that i read.. as bedtime story...the alchemist is will make u look for your own destiny just like the character ,the shepherd turned alchemist,good omens and bad omens....

bro moha,
what is the title of obama's new book?
is it available in the market?


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