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WhaT is The Relation between Histopathologist and Pathologist???


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               Dear Member:
                  What is The Relation between Histopathologist and Pathologist??? can histopatholigist became Pathologist????  plz ur answer?? ???
                                                                                                   Thank You!

Hassan Hashi:
histopathology is branch of pathology, the difference is pathologist generally specialises in genereal pathology; study of disease nature, histopathologist only specialises in the study of tissue pathology. study of tissue diseases under microscope.

thank u just i tried.

Dr Mohamed A Elmi:
Pathology contains two words pathos (suffering) and logos (study) , its study of the diseases and Pathologist is the main Speciality , then they subdivide into sub-subspeciality like Histopathologist related to the study and diagnosis of the diseased tissue under Mcroscope , Clinical Pathologist which related to study of Chemical , Microbiology , Immunology , Serology etc.


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