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A femal 14 year complaining  3years with severe weight loss, (15.5kg), cachexia, anorexia, moderate fevere , permenent hair loss, insomnia, vomiting after food, admitted to ITFC on 12 noveber 2011,no drug hypersensitivity, no abnormality seen unless bulging hard in anterior fonatnell, on investigation, HB:10gr-dl, HIV Neg, Sputum test Neg. she was in 3 weeks in ITFC no responding wieght still complaianing the symptoms and sign, the socio-economic level is low.
what is probable diagnosis you suspect?
what investigation you would like to send?
what treatment you would like to give this ill female?

Some points needs to be clarified,

Are you sure you mean 14 years and not 14 months?
Fontanelle should be closed long time ago, unless she have underlying genetic disease (e.g Cleidocranial dysostosis) .

and What is ITFC ?


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