Author Topic: Su'aal: Maxaa lagu gartaa qofka ninka ah ee siigaysta?  (Read 38397 times)

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Su'aal: Maxaa lagu gartaa qofka ninka ah ee siigaysta?
« on: January 24, 2012, 03:53:54 PM »
ASC marka kore aad ayn idiin salaamayaa bacda salaan
sidee lagu ogaan garaa qofka ninka ah ee siingaysta?
sideese lagu dareemi karaa in uu qofkaasu yahay mid siingadu la tagtey?
astaamo gaar ah oo lagu garto muu leyahay? ???

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Re: Su'aal: Maxaa lagu gartaa qofka ninka ah ee siigaysta?
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2012, 01:30:28 PM »
Astaamo gaar ah oo lagu garto ma jirto qofka siigeysto ma jirto laakin adiga waad dareemi kartaa haddii ay dhibaato kaa soo gaartay arintaas sida aad ka arki karto qoraalkaan:,2209.0.html
Abdullahi M. Mahdi waa dhakhtar soomaaliyeed oo ku takhasusay Cudurada Guud (Internal Medicine) Cudurada Faafa (Infectiouse Diseases) iyo Cudurada Dhulalka Kuleylaha (Tropical Medicine), Sidoo kale waa Qoraa si joogto ah bulshada uga wacyi galiyo bogga "" oo uu aasaasay bilawgii sanadka 2007.

Igala Soco:

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any person need to stop mansturbation plz take this idea
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2012, 08:36:09 AM »
Heyy  , I know a way to stop this ugly thing .
you have to be strong because its not that easy
Now , first of all delete every kind of porno vids and pics you have (this step could be made after your last masturbation because you’ll feel guilty so you that will make you feel better)
After You Delete them try to go to somewhere that don’t have internet and stay there as long as you can
if you don’t have another house just try to hangout with your friends , watch tv or play some pc games
another important thing to do is to watch young kids ( 2 to 4 years )
NEVER watch or do anything that can make you horny because you will fail
Make a list of your performances for example :
2 days without masterbating DONE
4 days without masterbating DONE
7 days without masterbating
15 days without masterbating
1 Mounth without masterbating
2 Mounth without masterbating
once you complete the first month you can be proud of yourself
When you do the steps above you will save more memories in your mind and your mind will erase the saved porno clips from your mind
and when you feel horny you’ll remember the performances you made so that will make fighting much easier and if it doesn’t work try to listen to music try to go contact with other people like talkin to your bro or sis call your friend anything but you have to be strong because I know that feeling when I feel horny … it’s so hard .
if you do it in your bed then don’t go to bed until you are xsosted and if you use your imagination to sleep try to think about some other things and try to stay away from porno clips for example think about you’re a super hero or think about what are you up to tomorrow or anything that can keep you calm and not horny
Some Hard Times You will face :
the first week will be the hardest because your changing the routine of your life but it might be easier if you stay busy
in the period between the first week and the second week you may have wet dreams and it’s very normal because your body is trying to fight you but if you beat him it will give up and that what will happen in the third week and the fourth week and the rest of your life
Don’t feel guilty if had a wet dream be happy because you finished the hard steps
One last thing , NEVER Trust people who say ” Masturbating is healthy ” because it’s so not . it’s ugly and it causes some really bad side effects .
Always Remember : if you’re in the toilet or if your taking a shower and you felt horny Just SLAP your self
make a promise to god to never do it again RIGHT NOW
and I promise he will help you and support you and give you power just like me
I’m not that strict guy and I don’t a lot about God but I asked him for help in the first time in my life and he responded my pray 
Do you know that masturbation can cause a very bad smell comes from your penis ??
Do you know that masturbating is an addiction ? addiction is weakness .. Your STRONG and so You must FIGHT IT !!


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