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I Need Dental Slides!!


Any dental presentations you would like to get?
Do you want free prepared professional Dental slides?
Do you like to Present your seminars without difficulties?
Put your list of dental topics here and we will add it as soon as possible to the SD PTT Slides page.
For more information reply here & make sure your topics are not listed here

Doctor Mahdi,

Nin cadaan oo Meraykaan baan ahay. I am a RPCV who taught English at the government school in Jilib in the sixties. Since then I have made my living as a dental technician and have been certified for 30 years. It would please me greatly if I could be at all helpful.

Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

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Orthodontic Dental Slides, Dr. Constance Winslow- Columbia University School of Dental Surgery (link) Orthodontic Treatment in the Mixed Dentition ... ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages
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Dear Grant,

I was offering to provide dental slides for dental members.
It was a kind of sarcasm to say "I need dental slides".
anyway thanks, your links are really helpful and welcome to the forum.


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