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Assalaamu Alaikum
Could anyone help me with applying to unis in romania I dont know where to begin. and whats the tuition fees for individual unis? keeping in mind im from the UK

Visit this link for more information:,2786.0.html

Dear Brother Ayuub, please contact me i will guide you on this, there is many university in Romania but cheapest one in Romania are  university of oradea, i can guide you who you will contact  on applying this university, also morethan 30 Somali medical student  are there as far as i knew unless they drop from the course you can get  more information on  following also i knew some other my friends who is in Romania  medical school whom i think they can support you enough information. shukran

dad maa jiraan oo jaamacada Targu-Mures oo kutaala wadanka Romania oo Medisin kusoo dhigteen oo information isiin karaan


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