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Salaam everyone, I'm currently an SHO in A&E and I've worked in few different posts since my graduation 2 years ago. In this period of time I haven't come across any somali colleagues. I know there is a number of us out there and I'm glad to say there is increasingly more somali medical students in the UK. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no organisation that brings together somali doctors in the uk. It would be very nice to have such a thing. There are a few communities of different ethnicity that have it. I think this will be of great value to us as doctors and to the newcomers to have an active and well-structured organisation.

Would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions about this. :)

Wcs wr wb. I totally agree and would love to see it happen. We definitely need it. If you don't mind me asking, what hospital do u work at?

Nice to hear from you.  I currently work in South Yorkshire; basically rotate between hospitals here.  How about yourself

Ouch! All the way in Yorkshire!

I haven't graduated yet ukhti, I graduate next year. I will applying for the 2015 Foundation Programme inshAllah.

With regards to ur suggestion, we could start out by doing a facebook group and things would kick off from there as word gets round.


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