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I Study Dental Assisting!

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Right, dental assistant is a dental nurse. There's also dental hygienist, which makes your teeth clean and healthy.  :) Good luck on your studies!   

Save it !:

I still remember when I first initiated this topic, it was my first year in dental assisting program. Finally I have graduated this year and thanks for your supportive replies guys. We Somalis are rare in dentistry field that's something I've noticed during the past 2 years. I'm wondering if anyone got any idea about how to apply for a hygienist degree in West Europe or The States?

You are belonged to the both dental or nursing. Since you are dental nursing so you could be both qualified.

As a dental assistant, you are an integral member of the dental health team. You perform chairside assisting and laboratory procedures under the direction and supervision of the dentist. As a qualified dental assistant, you:
1) Exhibit knowledge of disinfecting and sterilization.
2) Assist at chairside in all dental procedures by using current concepts of four- and six-handed dentistry.
3) Exhibit a practical knowledge of dental equipment, its use, routine care, and maintenance.
4) Identify instruments for various dental procedures.
5) Expose and process radiographs.
6) Assist in taking and recording medical or dental histories, blood pressure and vital signs.
7) Assist in the management of medical and dental emergencies.
8) Perform basic dental business office procedures.
9) Prepare dental materials and perform dental laboratory procedures.
10) Perform expanded functions allowed by the State of Wisconsin.
The Dental Assistant graduate might gain employment in the following positions: Dental Chairside Assistant, Dental Office Manager or Receptionist or Laboratory Assistant or Technician, Dental Treatment Coordinator, Oral Surgery or Endodontic or Prosthodontic, or Orthodontic or Pediatric or Periodontic Dental Assistant, Dental Sales Representative or Dental Insurance Claims Representative.

I think dental is the best option for you guys...


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