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Why did U choose to be a Nurse?

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Question to our Sisters:

Why did you choose this field?
What are the reasons that led you toward this career?!


I WAS NOT LIKING NURSEG...BUT AFTER I WORK AS NURSE I LIK IT BECOZ WHN I SOW MY PATIENY BECOME OK AND THEY R VERY HAPPY WHN LEAVING HOSPITAL REALY THAT TIME IM FEEL WE DID SOMTHG GOOD.....تدرون دعوة المريض لنا هي لي تخلينا نتحمل متاعب  و مشاكل المستشفى ......................وطبعا الراتب


That's a good reason & I am happy to hear it
The best thing you get from your patient is Du'a not Money!!

Waiting ................ more answers

On my last year of high school, we had to do research on a career that we interested  and present to group of teachers.  I did my presentation on nursing and through my research, my interest in nursing grew and decided that this is what i want to do as a career. I now have  been RN for one year and currently work in a cardiac unit. I deal with patients who had CABG, heart attacks, angiograms,cardiac stents, etc. I find it very interesting the cardiac apect of nursing and can see myself furthering my education in that part of nursing. I'd have to say that nursing is very challenging field and I have my ups n downs at work....but at the end of the shift I mostly feel that I made a positive difference in someone's health which is a motivating factor.

hii very nice question !!!!!
 although i still didn't start the nursing schoool but i think  that being a nurse is very intresting career coz people are sick when they first come to the hospital but when they improve their health coz of the doctors an nurses .... jus at this time u feel like you did something to be proud of  at the same time dadkaas ducadooda aa wax walba ka fiican ....


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