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Why did U choose to be a Nurse?

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My dear  Sister,
          Good  day!  like  you,  I  am  also  new  here in this  site. Don't  think  negative,  be  postive  always.  Focus  , Determination  and  Discipline  in  order  for  you to  achieve  that  goal. If  the  topic is  not  clear  with  you,  please  let  me  know  so I  can  help,  no  worries  I  am  very  willing  to  give  you  a  link .  Take  care  and  Have  a  nice  day  ahead..

I always wanted to be a doctor but then i realised that it was the patient that i really wanted to help and connect with.  It took a while for me to figure out what i wanted to became . I believed that the only way i could care for the patient holistically was obviously to become a nurse. Well, this is my first semester in nursing school and i already feel that my journey from novice to expert in the field has began. Sooduceeya qaraabo ;D

Good attitudes Nurses, thats amazing. Nursing is very rewarding in the Dunya and Akhira as u keep on getting complements and dua even behind your back.
I always greet them with big smile and gentle touch and it really does miracles. Im blessed to be Pediatric Nurse. Now I know how to deal with all the situations and what to do incase of emergency as Im soon to be a mother my self Insha'Allah. Good luck to all the students and dont stop studying. Always keep on encouraging your self to learn more and be eager.


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