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Managing psoriasis with Ayurveda


During the process of psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda, the patient is first subjected to a series of cleansing processes whereby the impurities accumulated in the blood as well as in the digestive system as a result of toxic byproducts of undigested food are initially cleansed. Once the system is cleared then the patient is given appropriate medication which is brewed from special ingredients which are hand-picked to ensure the finest quality. The ingredient of each medical concoction given to the patient is weighed accurately and under the supervision of the doctor it is prepared and then given to the patient. In addition to the medicines given internally external massages are also given to make sure that the external surface of the skin also gets treated. Other forms of treatment are also performed and this is based on each individual requirement and this will only be decided after a careful analysis of the progression of the disease and since this disease is of a progressive nature it is always better to seek medical advice at the first signs of the symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to alter the progression of the disease and the aim of Ayurveda is to uproot the disease in its entirety from the system. Since diet plays a vital role in disease management it is advisable that the patient must refrain from consuming foods that are difficult to digest and these include canned foods and consuming opposite foods that when eaten together does not complement each other.


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