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Dr.keyf ,, it needs determination ,, do'nt get dissapointed ..there is no education is easy. one day inshalaah u will make it ,, eventhough medical school is very taugh , then  look people like dr.mahdi are doing quite well  .Overall, Dr. keyf take this as a mental support I'm surounded with doctors ( juniours and consultents) and maashaa laah they all blessed , the pay is good as well n the name is too high. God help ya put plz never give up.

Thanx mandeq,bt i was hoping i don hv to touch a book 4 a tired of books,bt i guess being a doctor means books forever.we hv no choice.although i wish our country was peaceful n had a good economy so we didnt hv to give ridiculously long licence exams in da west just to prove we r docs.anyway if wishes were horses beggars would ride on them.


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