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My References:


These were my references during my study in IUA - Faculty of medicine:

Biochemistry: Harper's Biochemistry , Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews
Physiology: Gyton's Physiology , Ganon's Medical Physiology and Concise physiology by a Sudanese physiologist
Anatomy: Snell's Clinical Anatomy, Snell's Neuroanatomy
Pathology: Kumar's Basic Patholgoy, Muir's TextBook
Histology: Basic Histology by luiz carlos
Microbiology: Medical Microbiology
Pharmacology: Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews
Neuroanatomy: Snell's neuroanatomy, Qurashi neuroanatomy (Sudanese Neurologist)
Embryology: Saddler's book
Medicine: Davidson's TextBook, Kumar's and Clarks' Medicine, Danish short TextBook (Pakistani)
Obsy/Gyn: Ten teachers & others
Surgery: Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery, Browse clinical, Danish surgical book,
Paediatrics: Nelson's TextBook, Naser Jamal book (Egyptian)
Clinical Exam: Hutchison's Clinical Methods, Macleod's Clinical Examination, Bed side technique (pakistani), Differential diagnosis (Pakistani)
Orthopedics: Adams’s Outline of Fractures.
These are the books that I can recall it now!
IF I remember other books I have read I shall add to the list!!
Now it's your turn to post your references
By: Dr.Mahdi

That is great Doctor Mahdi
It seems that we are all the same regarding the reference books.
But I heard that these books are hard to find in Sudan, unlike yemen, where they are cheep and easily found.
So, I was wondering is there any of these books published freely in the internet? I know about but many of these books are insufficient and inconvenient.
I once found many websites publishig books and journals, thousands of them actually, but non of these famous books were found.
By the way do you know about Blueprints series. it is wonderful and the most useful book in medicne I ever read, it has many books like medicine surgery obs/gyne paediatrics psychiatry cardiology neurology nephrology and so on. a week ago some of our classmates found one blueprint by hacking and we all copied it.
I am waiting for your response mr admin and every body who has a useful information about these websites.
Thank you all.
Ciise Dheere

These books are available here with the latest editions! because here there are more than 50 medical colleges and Sudan graduates more than 3000 doctors annually!
so there must be references!
About finding these references online is difficult because for only one reason!!
running after money with a copy-righted material!! so you don't have chance to copy and puplish it online
but there are other books available online but it's not like those, to check it visit the library page in this site, turn to the left corner, then you will see free books over there!
By: Dr.Mahdi

yeah most of these are used worldwide... let me c the common ones here in Pakistan.. i will just point out the differences... in Anatomy some use Grey`s anatomy for reference,in Pathology..pathologic BASIS of diseases is used plus the micro mostly Javetz is used,in pharmacology people tend to use Katzung as well, in Gynecology there is Rashid Latif and Community medicine let me mention here,we use either of two books Mohamed Ilyas or Park////....,


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