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hey just thought i'd talk about major health problems that are happening now in africa

like HIV, hepatitus B,C

Alhamdulilah HIV is very very low in somalia due to our beautiful deen. Hepatitus B can be caused by blood transfusion within hospitals which are not disinfected properly or lack the basic equipment to reduce this illness.

Other parts of Africa due need alot of attention as you already know about the scale of HIV due to rape, unprotected sex, needles etc etc. I do think much is being done to tackle these to major problems out of africa eg world aids day. Within africa itself Im not sure if they are tackling this problem esp HIV as it is rapidly increasing in many parts of south africa, Zimbabwe. I heard that funding is being witheld..this is a major problem.

HIV does not have a cure but it does have precription drugs that slow down the disease into becoming aids. This was the centre of talk today in uni so I thought I'd just mention it.

Hepatitus B does have a vaccination but it mostly works if it is vaccinated before anyone is exposed to hepatitus B. Im not sure how bad it is in Somalia because of lack of stats. Ive read cases that it has affected children who have a weak immune system so dont really live.

what do you guyz think of these 2 sensative topics?
how can it be tackled more effciently and effectively?


salamu alaikum;
Hana A, I agree with you that the two topics are important health issues in somalia and africa now. and  you can talk about them in a way that helps students to get benefits and the public also to protect themselves from getting infected.
But these two health problems are not the only health care problems in somalia, and not by far the most. HIV is increasing rapidly and hepatitis B and C are affecting new people in a daily basis, that is right, But the problem is not merely an affection by a virus and only the precaution of that virus eliminates it.
The problem starts very early and only starting from that early place ensures a precise and accurate way of prevention and eradication.
It is known that every single disease has a multifactorial causation, and scientists began to call it the medical model: every disease has a bio-psycho-social aspects of causation, predisposition, and precipitation.
Let's take HIV/AIDS for example; it needs ignorance, low socioeconomic, unprotected sex, non-sterile equipments, and others = all pointing at the social basis of the problem. also the isolation and absence of support to the affected one precipitates the early AIDS complex. The biological basis of HIV/AIDS is very much known.

I mean the two issues are important and worth writing about them, but also other issues still exist waiting to be discussed like health education, environmental sanitation, personal hyegine, primordial and primary prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, child and maternal mortality (causes and how to lower it), prenatal and postnatal measures of child health care, vaccination, disability, psychotherapy (as many of somalis are affected by psychological problems, although not directly related to health care), and others.
I repeat dear Hana that I am not underestimating any of the topics you have suggested, but as you asked for our opinion, I thought that other topics are of a great priority than HIV and HBV.
How to tackle any thing efficiently and effectively, is by knowing what it is really, and the impact of it and it's priority, and then writing plans to prevent it and lower as much as possible. Goals like these are not achieved in one day (roma was not build in one day) but they need hard work and devoted people to get these goals.
Thank you Hana.
Ciise Dheere.


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