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Mansha allah is gr8 to know that our brothers and sisters r going back 2 help their people, i must wooow alhamdulilah and keep doing insha allah u will get da reward from allah and also from the community.

I would like 2 go back and help or go 2 do my experience in somalia but my university dont send students abroad so is sad but insha allah i got one year 2 go insha allah den i am off 2 do some volunteering work in ANYWHERE IN SOMALIA.


   Dats Right, Somalis don't like Voluntary doing for their country and People, but it is the best way to get money, if u do voluntary things for ur country, it will be Great country, and u will be rich then,,,

Somali Boy:
yes walalahay waa good idea insha allah now i am finish my college so came back our contry inkastoo qofka wadanka ka maqnaa dhibaato kala kulmaaya hadana waxaa loo baahanyahay sabar and i hope qofka kasta inuu sidaa ugu dhiiri noqdo u dhaqaaqno sidii aan wax ugu qaban laheyn insha allah rabanaa yasahil.

Masha allah sis i so agree with u one doing something, nice for our people back home. I always dreamt of doing that kind of work and insha allah i will thats my goal once am done with my education. Am even planing to spend to semesters in Africa to get to know to their healthsystem! Insha allah:)

Its wonderful so many of you interesting caring for ur ppl, but let me make some corrections ,first pls dont say somalian, its somali, and thanks for those of you who have  been in Hargesa, although anywhere in somalia there are healthcare needs, but the most place where there are great need at moment is one of the largest refugee camps in Daadab, there so many young kids suffering here than any other place in somalia, its hard to believe that they all somalis, one of the heart break expri was seeing a 4yrs or 5yrs old who are only raising themselves, ppl call them derbi jeef, unwanted kids,or street kids, its hard to even imagen how this kids end in here w/o parent. But there should  be at Least a community that saves this kind kids, nor does  even exist such thing. its easy for all of us to say we will go back do something about it but its not easy to fullfill our promises for what ever reasons.
In november i hoping to get back and at least work there for a year as PHN, and may be  set up some kind of housing plus school system for this kids. I hoping for vulunteers of any kind, if ur interesting let me by postin in here
Hopefully it will  rain in somaliia and bring our peace back


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