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X-ray Tech:
    Asalamu caleekum, i'm a new member, i was googling some somali med info, then here comes the website, masha allah. the forum looked wonderful and decided to join. i'm an x-ray tech. i hope we all get to know each other and benefit from one another. wasalam 3alekum

Welcome X-ray tech and enjoy your stay here!
Thanks to Google, they forwarded a great guest. ;D

X-ray Tech:
 asalamu caleekum. THanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome X-ray & we are looking forward to your contributions....
Tell us something about X-rays!

Layla- Radiographer:
they finally put this section up!

its about time!

nice to see somalis in this profession

final year student ...soon to be radiographer ;)


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