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       Laboratory test Guide

2.   Alkaline phosphatase: an enzyme found primarily in the liver and bones, Elevated levels may indicate the presence of bone disorder as well as a variety of liver and bile duct diseases

3.   ALT SGPT: An enzyme found in muscle, cardiac and liver cells, Elevated levels can indicate liver disease.
4.   Amylase: an Enzyme that helps with the digestion of starch, elevated levels can gallbladder disease or heavy alcohol use.
5.   AST SGOT: an enzyme found in muscles, cardiac and liver cells. Elevated level can indicate liver and muscle disorders.
6.   Blood urea nitrogen bun: An end product of metabolism, BUN levels are used to detect the presence of kidney diseases.
7.   Chlamydia: testing presence of the bacteria, Chlamydia, sexually transmitted diseases.
8.   Creatinine:  a waste product released from muscle tissue and excreted by
9.   The kidneys creatnine measurements are used to screen for kidney disorders

10.   ESR   SED rate: Elevated levels can indicate inflammation or tissue injury
11.   Glucose: maintain source of energy for living organisms. The most important cause elevated glucose Is diabetes mellitus, but many other factors can also elevate glucose levels in the blood urine
12.   Gonorrhea: testing the presence of the bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhea, sexual transmitted disease
13.   Hemoglobin: a protein/ iron compound in the blood that carries oxygen to the cells and carbon dioxide away from cells, low hemoglobin can indicate anemia.
14.   Hemoglobin IAC (hba1c) used to confirm elevated blood sugar levels, when an indivual hemoglobin A1C is high, diabetes is often present
15.   Hepatitis: an inflammation of the liver
16.   Hepatitis A:  a form of hepatitis causes by the hepatitis a virus, primarily spread by the oral fecal route.
17.   Hepatitis B: a form of hepatitis caused by the hepatitis B virus, spread by exposure to blood or body fluid.
18.   Hepatitis C: a form of hepatitis causes the hepatitis C virus. Spread by the exposure to blood and body fluids.
19.   High Density Lipoprotein: HDL: considered the “ good cholesterol” HDL is associate with the protection against coronary artery disease, marked elevated HDL may also indicate heavy alcohol intake
20.   HIV: testing checks that for the presence of antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus HIV that can cause AIDS. A positive test result indicates the individual has likely been infected with the HIV virus.
21.   H pylori: bacteria found in the gastrointestinal GI track that contributes to the development of ulcers
22.   Lead: a common childhood screening that is used to identify pts who are at risk for lead poisoning, inhaling or ingesting lead or lead compound causes lead poisoning.
23.   Low Density lipoprotein:( LDL) considered bad cholesterol LDL is used in determining a person’s risk of coronary artery disease, a higher level of LDL is associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease.

24.   Microalbumin: testing that is used to identify patient with diabetes and others who are at risk of developing kidney disease or accelerated cardiovascular disease.
25.   PSA (prostate Specific Antigen): testing males can detect prostate abnormities including cancer and beging prostate hyperplasia.
26.   Red blood cells: a count of number of blood cells present in a sample of blood, a disease in thin number raises concern for anemia
27.   Sodium: one of the most important element in human body, usually collected a part of an electroctyte profile to asses for fluid and electrolyte balance, often closely monitored for those patients on the a diuretic medication.
28.   Syphilis: testing to determine the presence of the sexually transmitted disease, syphilis.
29.   Total bilirubin: levels that abnormally high may occur in individuals with liver and gallbladder disease, sometimes producing jaundice.
30.   Total cholesterol; a primary risk factor for coronary artery disease, elevated cholesterol is associated with atherosclerosis and higher risk of   heart attack, abnormal cholesterol levels may also indicate other disorders in the body.
31.   Triglycerides:  fat that provide a major reserve of energy for the body, increase in triglycerides and other fats (lipids) are used to help predict the risk of coronary artery disease. Ideally, triglycerides should be measured after an overnight fast.
32.   TSH; a substance that controls the release of thyroid hormone, thyroid hormone is responsible for setting our body’s rate of metabolism, variation in TSH beyond normal ranges, high or low may indicate the need for medication or medication dose adjustment.
33.   Uric acid; a product of the break down of protein, a common test utilized when diagnosing gout or with high blood pressure in pregnancy
34.   Urinalysis: an analysis of urine that gives information about urinary track infection and the body’s hydration state, a Urinalysis also gives important information about the kidney fuctions, heart disease and diabetes.
35.   White blood cells: apart of your body’s normal immune system, an increased amount of white blood cells can indicate the presence of infection or inflammation in your body

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