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A Adenovirus F Herpes simplex virus
B Cytomegalovirus G Human papilloma virus
C Echovirus H Respiratory syncytial virus
D Epstein-Barr virus I Rotavirus
E Hepatitis B virus J Rubella virus
For each of the clinical conditions below, select the SINGLE MOST likely
causative virus from the list of options above. Each option may be used
once, more than once, or not at all.
3. Hepatocellular carcinoma
4. Warts
5. Conjunctivitis
6. Infectious mononucleosis
7. Infantile gastroenteritis

A Adenovirus                 ---------> Conjunctivitis
D Epstein-Barr virus        ---------> Infectious mononucleosis
E Hepatitis B virus          ---------> Hepatocellular carcinoma
G Human papilloma virus  ---------> Warts
I  Rotavirus                   ---------> Infantile gastroenteritis
B Cytomegalovirus          ---------> CMV infection
C Echovirus                   ---------> Aseptic meningitis
F Herpes simplex virus     ---------> Genital & Oral herpes
H Respiratory syncytial virus------>  Bronchiolitis & Pnemonia
J Rubella virus                -------->  Rubella


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