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Why Africa?!


Why Africa is origin of all diseases?!
Did you asked this question once your self before?
We all now that africa suffers from poverty, ignorance and Illiteracy but is it origin for most of infectious diseases?
I have read an article today which says even bacterias come from africa!!
H.pylori which is responsible for gastritis and PUD come from africa!!
We also remember when the first case of HIV discovered in gay men who live in New York and San Francisco 1980s, they tell us later they have found similar virus in chimpanzees!!
So it come from africa's chimpanzees and transmitted to human being!!
We are waiting more diseases to be added in africa's list!!
By: Dr.Mahdi

this is very funny. one would laugh at the most terrible news.
Africa, they call it the black continent, they call it the grave of the world, they say the triad of africa : (poverty, disease, ignorance), they say the **** (african sleeping sickness), they dump their nuclear and other dangerous waste materials in africa, they say africa the wide undiscovered forests (animals), they talk about the barbarian tripes that eat human beings, They conjoin the black, disease, ignorance, violence, poverty, and mental retardation in one sentence and say next that Africa needs help and come to us with 3 by 5 plan, which was silly actually ( when WHO said that by the end of 2005 they will treat 3 million africans from HIV/AIDS and they did nothing).
I am not suggesting that there is racism or conspiracy theory, although every thing around us suggests that, But I am saying that we should be proud of being africans because above every thing I mentioned earlier, we are oldest continent and nearest to nature and we should not be affected by the attitude and rudeness of others because that was already expected and we should double our efforts to grap the flag from the wrongful leadership of others.
Sorry for the prolonged letter. thank you
Ciise Dheere


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