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New SomaliDoc Chat Room!!


The old chat room has been replaced with fully moderated with advanced featured IRC chat due to some difficulties faced by our valuable users!!!
Please remember our forum terms also applied on the chat rooms!!
Any user who break those terms will be kicked or permanantly banned from the chat room!!
we are serious about our terms!!
Things you have to avoid:
False material, Defamatory, Inaccurate, Abusive, Qabilism, Vulgar, Hateful, Harassing, Obscene, Profane, Sexually oriented, Threatening, Invasive of a person's privacy, Adult material.
Keep your nickname and your public messages clean. Room moderators are invisible and can ban you from chatting here. Question? Contact us at
By: Dr.Mahdi

Due to technical difficulties and access problems in IRC chat faced by some our members we changed to parachat with ads temporarly
turning to a full version parachat depends on your comments on this one
thanks and sorry for the inconvinience
click this link to chat with somalidoc members


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