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Aslaamu calaykum. ???
I suppose that there is many pre-clinical ( 1st 2nd and 3rd years ) students in this forum or generally in So I suggest that you always need to refresh your mind about what have you took in the last year. therefore, I would like to set up a question group for you in order to get and give knowledge.
 ;) by the way don't forget to take the poll and if there are any suggestion please notify me.
If I get 7 yeses, they are enough to set the questions.
Rules for questions

* All your questions must be MCQ (multiple choice questions)
* If the question is not answered in 3 days, you have to answer it.
* Your answers must be only about Basic medical sciences. 

Dr.Adnan, I agree with you
This is a good idea and helpful to all of us

Thank you, Abdullahi,  ;D ;D

Only four pre-clinical students here ???. show me your self and vote.  :o

A.C Dr.Adnan bijad aad ayan kugu hambalyaynaya sida ad ugu hagarbaxaysid webkan gar ahan Basic Medical fikrad ahaan waxan ku dhihi laha adigoon sugin inta qof ay yihiin  Pre-clinical students postgarey MCQskaga kadibna khaliiha maftuuxah bcz majiro qofyaqaan tirada saxda ah e clinical students sas ay tahayna any CASE wa laga jawabaa marka yaysan ku niyad jibinin radiga oo yar bilaw wadna arkaysa dad ka jawabo
my best regards 4 u. 


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