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This is a list of books about medicine which you can read it for leisure:
Please if you have read these books before and would like to comment about it, welcome...
Please if you can provide free downloadable version about these books, do it.

Stay of Execution.
1-The Doctor's Wife.
3-As Max Saw It.
4-A Fortunate Man.
5-Intoxicated by My Illness.
6-The Poetry of Healing.
7-The Plague.
8-Ward Six.
9-The Cunning Man.
10-The Dying of the Light.
11-The Sea and Poison.
12-The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.
13-A Bomb in the Brain.
14-The Last King of Scotland.
15-The Illness Narratives.
16-The Lazarus Effect.
17-Under the Ether Dome.
18-The Dress Lodger.
19-The Blood of Strangers.
20-An Unquiet Mind.
21-Girl Interrupted.
23-The Diagnosis.
25-The Black Swan.
26-The Magic Mountain.
27-Ingenious Pain.
28-A Personal Matter.
30-Operation Wandering Soul.
32-A Leg to Stand On.
33-The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat.
34-Lying Awake.
36-As We Are Now.
38-The Cancer Ward.
39-Darkness Visible.
40-The Death of Ivan Ilyich.
41-My Own Country.
42-The Tennis Partner.
44-The Doctor Stories.
45-The Case of Doctor Sacks.
46-Love's Executioner.
47-When Neitszche Wept.
48-Open Heart.

Thanks waxbaro for your list about Novel Medicine.

I read a few books from your list:

1- The last king of Scotland: this novel is a fictional memoir of a Scottish doctor in Ugandan President Idi Amin's employ based on impressions of actual events.

2- The cancer ward: This novel is set in a hospital in Soviet Uzbekistan in the 1950s. As the title hints, the plot focuses on a group of cancer patients as they undergo therapy. The novel deals with Political theories, mortality and hope, themes that are often explored either through descriptive passages or the conversations the characters have within the ward.

More book suggestions people! What happened to the book club?


You forgot to include Tracy Kidler book," Mountains Beyond Mountains"  It's an awesome book, about Harvard Dr, who dedicated his time to help with Infectious disease in Haiti. I don't wanna spoil,for you, if your read this book it will definitely change your perspective about life and medicine in general in a positive way.

Another one I recommend is "When the spirit catches you"!! I have few pages to complete...........

I agree with Amal, that is a good non-fiction novel written by Tracy Kidder.
The story traces the life of noted physician and anthropologist called Paul Farmer....
The title of the book comes from the Haitian proverb, “Beyond mountains there are mountains.”

About your second option, I will try to find and read it. thanks


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